Hair Claw Clip

2 different designs, 3 different colours & finishes |$12


Hair Up Day: bad hair day or just flaunting your fabulous bone structure? The 90s classic with a twist.

What I Am

Does your hair get stressed at the sight of cheap hair clips? No wonder - rough clips scratch your hair strands and lead to split ends.

Your hair asked us for a luxury hair accessory with a modern twist. So here I am: an updated version of the old-skool 90s classic. A luxury hair clip that provides a firm grip for all different hair types. I am still practical but super stylish, sleek, and a lot more discreet – less is more.

I promise to be gentle with your scalp – I know a happy scalp is the key to a good hair day.


  • Made with a smooth material that doesn’t damage hair.
  • Offers strong grip in all hair types.
  • Better alternative to other hair accessories as they cause less friction on the strands.


For extra texture, a quick spray of our Rainforest Mist Flawless Finish Hairspray will do the trick. Use our Secrets in the Snow Soft Styling Foam to enhance your curls and control frizz. 

Styling tips from Voir: 

  • Don’t clip wet hair for too long. Damp hair is stretchy, and the extra tension can lead to breakage. (We will let you off once in a while).
  • Never wrap the hair too tightly as the constant pulling can cause strands to break or fall out.
  • Change your hairstyle everyday to not put pressure and repeat damage on the same area.
    • What They’re Saying About Me…

      What’s Inside

      Key Ingredients


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